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Graphic design trends come and go every year. They shape the visual world around us and impact everything from fashion and interior design to social media and marketing.

They are influenced by changing tastes, fashions, social and technological changes as design answers to the way we live and the products we interact with.

Here are the top 5 Graphic Design trends that are overtaking the industry this year :

1-The retro 90s nostalgia

Even though the digital world is constantly evolving, the 80s and 90s are making a comeback! This style is inspired by the 90s and WEB 1.0 as it is characterized by bright background colors, spreadsheet layouts and robotic fonts.

Nineties nostalgia is manifesting itself in the use of Memphis design patterns, simple emojis, a primitive internet look, bright color blocks, grainy textures and pixelated art, elements that will feel all very familiar to some of us.

The nostalgia trend reflects a longing for the past through rose-colored glasses. We are reliving the 90s through simple emojis, primitive internet frames, geometric shapes, and sketchy illustrations.


The design world is tired of rules and regulations and The anti-designers are breaking the rules entirely in 2022. An anti-design is rejecting traditional design principles and aesthetics. It is the result of projects being liberated from the beauty standards constructed by conventional designers.

This movement could be compared to Brutalism, a post-war architecture style that boldly challenged conventional tastes. Think asymmetry, clashing colors, busy compositions, and bold typography. It’s not supposed to work, but it just does.

3-Combining 2D and 3D Characters (think NFTs!)

For Nintendo 64 fans, your favorite 3D-style characters have invaded the graphic design world! Thanks to ever-advancing technologies and software capabilities, a lot of designers are now embracing 3D and 2D illustrations.

It is all about experimentation and evolving away from flat vector illustrations and towards a detailed style favoring depth and dimension.

The use of characters allows brands to form an identity that’s memorable as characters are easy to incorporate emotions, ideas, and a product’s end-use. This trend is perfect for web design, branding and social media content.

4-Maximalism :

Drawing a lot from Antidesign and the complete opposite of minimalism, maximalism is all about rejecting simplicity and embracing excess. It is characterised by bold color combinations, contrasting patterns, rich textures, fun fonts, layered images and repeated motifs that come together in harmony to create an eye-catching design.

If the design is brave and experimental, your brand is most likely to stand out against competitors as it Is more enjoyable for users to engage with a visually rich interface.


Inspired by the Brutalist architecture movement that emphasized raw materials, this trend is characterized by the use of minimalistic forms and raw materials (concrete, rough wood, bare bricks, patinated plaster).

This style is considered bold and provocative in web design as it uses layers, limited color palettes, exposed grids, HTML look, strong typography, glitchy grunge...

As a whole, 2022’s graphic design trends may seem random ranging from anti-design and parametric patterns to candy colors and extreme bubble doodles, but they all have a 90s flashback in common.

All thanks to brave experimentalist designers that are reforming the digital landscape making it a more creative and entertaining space.

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