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The digital sphere is always ever changing but content is still king. Yet we’re experiencing a change. Short-form content is dethroning long form with users relying on mobile and having shorter attention spans.

For B2B marketers, snack-size (or snackable) content is serving as a factor in brand growth. When YouTube became famous for its 2-3 minutes videos, everyone was happy to stop and watch for a few minutes. Now with tiktok, GenZ are demanding videos to be on a whole new level of shortness.

What's snackable content ?

Snackable content is website content that’s straightforward and easily digestible in short form like a snack. It tends to be visually appealing with potential to go viral, be consumed and shared by masses. Its goal is also to support the brand by sharing information about the industry or the company's story instead of pushing products. A strategy to tempt and tease to keep the reader wanting to consume more content.

Types of snack content

Thanks to its versatile nature, Snackable content can be used in different platforms from online applications, websites to social media. With free and paid tools like Canva, Adobe Spark, and Pablo by Buffer you can create anything.

Popular formats of snackable content :

1-Quote Graphics

The audiences on social networks like Twitter and Facebook consume inspiring, humorous and motivational quotes on a daily basis and in huge numbers especially among Millenials and GenZ. Quotes from influential people or from interviews and articles are one of the most direct types of snackable content.

2-Memes :

You should consider including memes in your snackable content strategy for the engagement they bring with their humor and viral tendencies . Keep it relevant and up to date with trends, Because this is the era of the memes.

3-Infographics :

Infographics don’t necessarily need to be facts or figures that would bore people out. They should teach people something like a simple ‘how to’ or ‘did you know?’ answers that can be informative and straight to the point without wasting time. Time is precious in this generation.

4-Gifs :

Gifs are an easy simple way to get people to focus. It works pretty well for product or event teasers for your brands needs of exposure and relatability.

The rise of short form

A perfect piece of short-form content will succeed in communicating a brand’s key messages in a fast way while catching the attention of its target audiences as today’s consumers have shorter attention spans and are unlikely to commit to long form content unless it has bigger added value. Does this mean long form is dead ?

To conclude, in order to create effective snackable content, a designer has to hit a balance between appealing visuals or graphics and clever words. Keep it catchy and creative with a touch of your brand somewhere to be recognized as it would with brand awareness.

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